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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm concerned about my parent’s safety at home alone, but I'm not sure she would agree to having help. What can I do to introduce the idea, while considering her feelings towards it?

It's not uncommon for people especially the elderly, who are living independently, to be wary of accepting help. Most often they think it signals a loss of independence, or they fear they won't personally like the person helping them. From the experience that we have had for the last 14 years , we've found out that the key to working through these concerns is by establishing a strong rapport right from the start. A great way to work through your parent’s concern is for us to arrange for one of our staff to come and meet with you both to discuss the kind of assistance we can offer and our approach to finding a great match.

Is Medicare funding available for these services?

Medicare does not cover non-medical home care services.

I have insurance and I'm not sure if it covers non-medical home care services, will SUPERB HOME CARE verifies coverage prior to starting the service?

Yes. SUPERB HOME CARE will gladly assist you to verify if you have a long- term insurance coverage. With your approval, we will check your coverage and let you know the results.

What are the different services offered by your company?

SUPERB HOME CARE offers a full range of non-medical home care services.

Can you do short term care?

Very well yes. We do both short term and long-term care services.

Can you care for someone in a facility (hospital, nursing home, or assisted living)?

Yes, our staff often serve as companions and provide other assistance for clients who are in hospitals, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, with short-term or long-term needs.

Can we put our family in a care facility while receiving SUPERB HOME CARE’s services?

We can always work with you and the facility and make all the necessary arrangements to continue providing the services you request.

Is meal preparation included?


Is house cleaning included?

We provide light housekeeping such as dusting and cleaning up after meal preparation, but not heavier, in-depth house cleaning. If you have further needs, we can refer you to reliable house-cleaning services.

Do I have to sign a contract for the services?

Yes. We have an agreement that defines payment terms and rates.

How often do I get billed for services?

We are very flexible. We can bill you on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis, whichever you feel more convenient to you.

Is there any additional cost to me?

There will be none.

What if I need to speak to someone in the office after business hours?

You can always call SUPERB HOME CARE CORP. at any time because we are on a 24/7 service.

Why would I hire a SUPERB HOME CARE caregiver versus a private caregiver?

Will you be willing and capable of running a comprehensive, national criminal background check?

Will the private caregiver be bonded against theft?

With SUPERB HOME CARE you will not need to supervise your caregiver because we will do it for you.

These are only some of the challenges to hiring privately. With SUPERB HOME CARE’s carefully monitored services, you will have peace of mind confidently knowing that your loved one is in good and safe hands.

How long will it take to get a caregiver?

We can provide caregivers according to your needs and request at your most convenient time.

Can I choose the caregiver and/or meet them in advance?

Yes. If requested, SUPERB HOME CARE CORP. will arrange an interview for you with a preselected caregiver. If at any time or for any reason you want to change caregivers, we will do so at no charge until you are completely satisfied. We understand that a strong rapport and trust with a caregiver is vital to a successful home care experience.

What happens if a caregiver is unable to show up for a scheduled shift?

If your family’s caregiver is unavailable for any reason if at all, SUPERB HOME CARE will immediately provide another caregiver of the same quality.

How does Superb Home Care select someone for my family member?

We start by having one of our staff meet with the family to discuss individual needs and important personality traits. Then, we select someone who will be a good match in both areas. Arranging the best possible personality match between the client and a regular caregiver is one of our considerations